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The Scent Thief Wafer is the next evolution in No Smell Technology™. Use the Wafer in the field by hanging it in a tree or blind. The wind will help carry the Wafer scent and create a “No Smell Area” around you.

We recommend combining the Wafer with the Field Spray. The Wafer is meant as an enhancement to the field spray. Using just one Wafer will work in light to no-wind conditions, but is not as effective if there is a consistent wind. The Scent Thief Wafer is oil based and evaporates slower than the water based spray, that's why we recommend using the two together.

The Wafers come in a resealable pouch and should last two full days or four hunts. You can recycle a dry Wafer by spraying it down with Scent Thief Field Spray, but the formula used in the original Wafer is a stronger formula, so an original Wafer will be more effective than a recycled one.

Scent Thief Wafer